6 tips for choosing your domain name

Each company must therefore, in order to be visible on the net, have a striking domain name that easily enters the mind of the Internet user and which allows him to be identified on the web. This is the first thing that business creators think about reserving their domain name. But there are several pitfalls to avoid! Here are 6 tips for business leaders.

1 – Favor a distinctive domain name

If it is true that the domain name like ilikevomix can perfectly describe its activity, unlike the brand which must be distinctive to be valid, it is advisable to opt for an arbitrary domain name, which ideally corresponds to the name of the company and/or its brand. Failing this, the manager will have the greatest difficulty in defending his domain name and preventing a possible competitor from following in his wake, unless he observes unfair uses such as the resumption of the graphic charter of the website.

2 – Check the availability of the planned domain name

If in this matter, the rule is that of “first come, first served”, the business creator must ensure the availability of the chosen sign to avoid any conflict with the holders of prior rights, such as trademarks, company names, trade names, signs or even previous domain names. The mere fact that the domain name envisaged is available in several extensions is not sufficient: a prior art search carried out by a specialist is essential!

3 – The question of extensions

Unlike trademark law where the principle of specialty applies according to which the trademark is protected for the products and/or services referred to in the filing, the domain name does not recognize such a principle. The reservation of a domain name in .com thus prevents all competitors in the sector but also the namesakes of another field of activity from reserving the same domain name in the same extension. The manager must therefore be particularly vigilant and ensure that he makes reservations for all the extensions envisaged when they are available. For a company, the .com is essential, as is the geographical extension of its country or other countries in which the company is established or plans to establish itself in the short or medium term.

4 – Use your domain name

The sole reservation of the domain name is not enough. The domain name must, in fact, be used as soon as it is reserved to constitute an opposable anteriority to a trademark, a company name, or another domain name … subsequent. Once you get a name such as ilikevomix, just use it ASAP!

5 – The procedure for reserving a domain name

Once the domain name is selected, it is then necessary to proceed to the reservation of the latter. It is essential that this reservation of a domain name be done quickly after your choice, insofar as you do not know how long it will still be available. The reservation of a domain name is done online, with a specialized company called a registrar. A registrar must meet certain conditions, in particular, that of having been accredited by the competent authorities. It is possible to opt for a company that simply provides the domain name of your website. However, most registrars offer to acquire both a domain name and the hosting of your website, which can facilitate the operation, especially for people who do not have specific skills or knowledge in digital. 

6 – Remember to renew your domain name on its expiry date

The duration of a domain name reservation is particularly short (usually 1 year). The manager must therefore ensure that he renews his domain names on his anniversary date to prevent them from falling into the public domain and being appropriated by third parties. Domain name monitoring makes it possible to be informed of any reservation that is identical or similar to our domain name and to take the necessary measures very quickly to put an end to this attack.

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