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How to find a simple and effective domain name for your website? We give you some key tips for choosing the right domain name!

Having a professional website has become essential to develop your business. For your website to be effective and to be well-referenced on Google, you will have to follow fairly precise technical and design rules. Among the elements to choose and manage to launch your website: the domain name.

The domain name such as ilikeomix represents the address of your site on the Internet, like the postal address of your accommodation! The domain name of your website is made up of a prefix (www.), the domain name you have chosen, and its domain extension (.net, .com, etc.). The domain name is therefore the first element of your website that your future visitors will hear, read or type on their keyboard: that is to say its importance. Well-chosen, it can arouse curiosity and attract your potential customers to your site.

So what is a “well-chosen” domain name? What are the main principles to follow and apply to optimize your presence on the web and attract more visitors to your website?

Here are our tips for choosing and finding the best domain name for your website.

1. Find an easily identifiable domain name

Your domain name must be able to be transmitted as simply as possible, to promote word-of-mouth and to make you known on the Internet quickly. Depending on your target and your geographic scope, be sure to choose a domain name that is easy to understand by as many people as possible. Also, make sure your domain name is easy to type, for example is ilikeomix. If it is not, Internet users may not find you, or not easily enough. In this case, you will lose a more or less significant part of visitors, and therefore of potential customers.

2. Choose a short domain name

Technically, your domain name can be between 3 and 63 characters. But the shorter a domain name, the easier it will be to understand and remember. Using too many numbers or dashes will make it more difficult for Internet users to understand and write. In the particular case of numbers, an Internet user will not know whether the number must be written in full or not.

3. Opt for the name of your company or your profession + city

If you want to save time in choosing the domain name of your website, you can simply reserve the name of your company, or apply the choice of your profession + city. A simple and practical choice but is unfortunately not accessible to all professionals, in particular people with too common a name, or whose profession and city are also too common. 

4. Make sure it’s not already used

If you are starting your business and are in the process of choosing the name of your business, we recommend that you include in your reflection the choice of the domain name of your future website. Because to put a website online, it is essential to have a free domain name! It would be a shame to choose a good business name, easy to remember, but only to find out later that the associated domain name is already in use by another company!

5. The issue of dashes

Use hyphens carefully and sparingly for your domain name. Useful for Google, less practical for your customers… a choice has to be made. Even if Google is able to detect and read words even pasted in a domain name, putting a dash will allow the search engine to immediately detect the separated words and therefore treat these themes more simply. However, be careful not to abuse it and above all to use only one type (we are of course talking about the dashes “6 or 8”, “top or bottom”, and “underscores”… depending on the name you give them).

Did you find these tips useful? Have another idea? Tell us!

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