Best hacks to Increase Your Follower Count on Tiktok

In today’s digital age, TikTok has emerged as the most popular short video format platform giving talented and passionate people a creative space to show their talent. The platform allows people to create profiles, share videos, boost engagement, bring followers, and consistently grow their community. Along with creators, even brands can leverage the power of this platform where 70% of youth is present and actively engaging. Merely having an account and posting stuff does not bring the desired followers. Some best strategies, long-term efforts, and consistently being there on the platform posting, interacting, and reacting are crucial factors to bring followers. If you are looking for some easy ways to increase the followers, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will go through some best and simple hacks to increase TikTok followers and increase your loyal fanbase for a long period.

Consistent and High-Quality Content

According to TikTok algorithms, regular posting allows them to show your content to more people and increase the visibility and reach of your profile and content. When reach is more, the chances of getting followers also increase. Consistent posting of high-quality videos this may help that resonate with the audience allows creators to keep their followers engaged and satisfied. While offering intriguing, engaging, creative, and unique content, you might pique the TikTok audience’s attention and urge them to visit your profile for more. If they find the other stuff interesting, they may click the follow button and become your loyal follower.

Buy TikTok Followers

Once the accounts get the desired followers and engagement, it’s easy to increase it, but being a new account, getting followers is challenging. It takes months to get a few initial followers, that too after consistent posting and a lot of effort. However, in such a scenario, many people consider buying TikTok followers from some reputed seller who sells genuine and authentic followers at a reasonable cost. You can get more TikTok followers as an initial boost to your profile, and then quality content, consistent posting, and continuous interaction help you to retain them.

Engage with the community

Interact with the followers, fellow creators, brands, and influencers by responding to comments, adding comments on their videos, liking their videos, and following them. Build a strong community and relationship with your audience and foster engagement. More engagement shows that your account adds valuable content that the audience likes, which ultimately helps attract more followers. Furthermore, engaging with people indicates that you value them, which increases the likelihood of them becoming your followers.

Hook the interest in the beginning

Grabbing the interest of your audience in the absolute beginning is one of the best hacks to increase followers. Ask an interesting question that can create intrigue is the best way to do so. Many creators start their content by asking, “Want to know or Do you know?” Such words instill curiosity among the audience and hook their interest till the end. If they find your content relevant and interesting enough, they may follow you for future content on such exciting topics. Besides that, breaking the content into 2 parts increases the curiosity and desire to learn more. Creators can add the basic info in the first part and the interesting and unique facts in the second. This induces the viewers to follow your page to get the instant update about the next part.

Write an actionable CTA

Your audience may watch a video and scroll below. It’s vital and valuable to ask them to perform a certain action, whether liking, sharing, commenting, or giving a follow. Popular creators have observed that adding an actionable CTA increases the followers by a whopping 83% which is huge. Add CTA in the description and at the end of the video also to make the followers think about it and decide whether they want to watch your content more or not. A favorable decision gives you new followers, which is the ultimate goal.

Add Interactive content

Polls, quizzes, riddles, questions, tagging a person, mentions, etc., are some most valuable types of interactive content. Such content increases engagement and interest and sparks some random conversations in the comments section. New people join the conversations, and your chances of getting more followers also increase. Interactive content even lets you know about your followers’ demands, choices, and interests, and use that data to create more tailored content that resonates with your audience.

Follow TikTok trends

Stay updated with the prevailing and trending content, challenges, songs, and videos on the platform. Participate in challenges and increase the discoverability of your profile as TikTok itself boosts videos on trends. Check out some yoga challenges, hook step challenges, brand challenges, dance battles, iconic dialogues, etc., and incorporate your own creativity into it to make it distinctive and unique from others. Continuous participation in trends shows that the creator is genuinely interested in the platform and wants to make a loyal fanbase. People are more likely to become followers if they find all the trending content in your profile.

Use Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are the most valuable tool to reach the right audience that is actually interested in your content. Search the relevant, trending, and brand hashtags and blend them together as a whole package to reach the targeted audience and increase followers. Trending or popular hashtags change from time to time, but they help your content reach a larger audience, particularly those looking for specific themes or trends. If you follow certain hashtag trends, incorporate the same hashtag along with the brand hashtag to increase your brand reach and bring more people to the profile.


Followers are indeed the most crucial aspect of engagement on a platform like TikTok, where your popularity and value are defined by the number of followers. Generally, people don’t show interest in new profiles till they see that some people are following them. Those “some” people take months to come but purchasing them is an easy alternative to save from the hard work of getting a few initial followers and kickstarting your TikTok journey. Once your journey is started, there are many other ways to retain those purchased followers and bring in the new ones. The above try-and-tested hacks have been helping some big names on the platform to increase their follower base and grow their TikTok accounts. So, what are you waiting for? Get some initial followers and kickstart a journey that will bring immense love and appreciation from the community.

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